Tips for Pet Grooming

Why furry kids are always scratching? Sensitive skin is the cause!

When it comes to hair and skin problems, when you think you can avoid fungal and bacterial infections, It’s okay, but it’s a hairy child with sensitive constitution by nature, as long as it comes into contact with an allergen. Immediately triggers allergic dermatitis! Mao Hai couldn’t resist madly licking, as a result, she lost her hair again! There are many allergens … heritable causes, food, fleas, foreign irritants such as pollen and dust. All are suspected of causing allergic dermatitis! Sometimes it’s true!

At this time, the stalk department must call foreign aid urgently! Droplet Antifungal & Antiseptic Skin Spray (for dogs and cats) relieves allergic skin inflammation, itching, redness and swelling caused by various allergens, Sedative allergic skin! The most important is that it contains hydrolyzed keratin to effectively rebuild and repair the skin barrier, forming a protective film for the skin and reducing disease. Damage caused by protozoa or other external environmental factors to the skin, enhancing skin resistance, Keep your skin healthy!