Joint Support and Nutrition

What is frankincense?

Have you heard of Frankincense? Joint health supplements may be more common in people, but joint health supplements in pets are even rarer. In fact, frankincense is very helpful in maintaining joint and bone health. Boswellia dentata is also known as Indian Frankincense. It is native to India and has a tall tree. It grows in arid and poor areas. It is used for Indian Ayurvedic medicine.



One of the traditional medications. Frankincense is effective in relieving pain, removing blood stasis, activating blood, sterilizing, and promoting cells. In recent years, many medical studies have confirmed that Boswellia acid in Boswellia dentata has chronic inflammation such as osteoarthritis. Very helpful.


Research reports indicate that Frankincense dentin can effectively relieve joint pain caused by osteoarthritis, so it has become a lot of oral joint camps. One of the nutritional ingredients. And with frankincense as one of the ingredients, hoping to protect the joints most effectively. For everyone who cares about pet health.


#Dorpat Vitamin bone strengthens joint meat particles in addition to oligoglucosamine , chondroitin, Qinghai’s, MSM, and also contains the tooth frankincense ingredient; a variety of powerful joint protection ingredients Can reduce and prevent joint pain and relieve pain and swelling caused by joint wear, Stimulate cartilage formation and strengthen bone growth. The meat pellet formula is easy to feed, and daily joint health care is not difficult. No more worrying about how to choose joint health products, or how many ingredients there are, #DR .pet Vitamin Bone Strengthening Joint Meat can help your dog ease joint problems.