Tips for Pet Grooming

Wet weather, be careful of skin diseases

IKEA is cold and hot in the weather, and it is wet all day long. The owner of the IKEA sees more left hair children. RRR is good. I think that the R and R are very rare, and it is a “skin disease” at any time. Omen!


[Skin disease? 】

If you see cats and dogs scratching frequently, pay attention Including local, whole body symmetrical or asymmetric hair removal, there are scabs: red spots, pimples, nodules, thick blister, blister, crust, Erosion, desquamation, etc.


[Most common cat and dog skin problems]

1. Fungal and bacterial infections Cats and dogs ’skin is infected

with“ bacterial ”infections, and the skin may become red and swollen, with flesh particles or like Abscess particles, hair removal and other common as “folliculitis”, “impetigo” and “interdigital pyoderma,” and so

carefully by the “fungus” generous skin caused by psoriasis, the affected area would be inflamed, hair removal, in a ring-shaped part Hair removal is common, such as “ringworm”, and it can be transmitted by other animals. Same as human

2. Allergic skin disease

is an autoimmune disease, including food, heredity, fleas, and foreign irritants (such as pollen and dust) allergy.

Food allergies: Itchy skin especially surrounds the mouth and feet. Beef, wheat, eggs, etc. are common food allergens with

hereditary allergies: common such as “atopic dermatitis”, the affected area will be itchy, red and swollen as well as cracks, fluid often flows out. The most common breeds are golden retriever dogs, white dogs, sonatas, ancient shepherd dogs, and curlers. The owners should pay attention to

flea allergies: common symptoms of dogs include hips and tail Gnawing, scratching, mound Rashes, scabs, and eczema; cats and cats are more sensitive to flea bites and can observe head, neck, lumbar spine, large There are hair removal and scratching on the inside and ventral sides of the legs, and military dermatitis on the back

. 3. Hormonal disorders or immune decline are

common. “Hypothyroidism” is common. Hair removal symmetrically on the trunk, skin becomes thick and mossy, and pigmentation can occur, Dander and more