Skin Care and Hair Care

To all dogs with skin problems

Is there a habit of using medicated shampoo / skin soothing gel / skin spray? The above products can alleviate skin problems in dogs, but because they always have chemical ingredients and even medicinal properties, overuse of dogs causes skin problems (such as thinning of the skin layer, eczema, etc.). But the skin problem is like a rogue. Once you stop using the skin spray, you will go back and entangle the dog and the owner again. It’s a nightmare! No wonder skin problems were chosen as the most annoying! In the end, does a dog have to rely on a medicated spray or a medicated shampoo for life to survive? Your dog needs a way to do it once and for all, to eliminate skin problems, and at the same time clean up inflammation and sensitivity. Fungus? bacterial? sensitive skin? Redness and itchiness? Hair removal? Only by thoroughly cutting the grass and roots can the dog and the owner have no worries! #Dorpat Natural Skin Comprehensive Supplement can improve deep skin problems through anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-oxidation, etc., soothing redness, swelling, itching, inflammation, eczema, atopic dermatitis, exfoliation



Surface skin problems and discomfort caused by hair peeling, etc. Both the symptoms and the symptoms can repair the skin and help prevent recurrence of skin problems. Condition the skin with natural herbs without medicinal properties.

Just add #Dorpat Natural Skin Comprehensive Supplement to the grain while eating. Easily soothes skin problems, there are Helps prevent recurrence of skin problems.