Dogs at home have skin problems, but it's not clear what kind of skin problem?
In fact, there are many types of skin problems in dogs. This time I will explain the types of skin diseases. And symptomatic and preventive methods. Mycotic skin diseases
commonly found in dogs in Hong Kong include ringworm, ringworm and ear mites And folliculitis are caused by skin fungal or mite infections. Under normal circumstances When a dog suffers from a skin disease, the hair will be fragile or easy to break, the skin will appear chipped and crusty, the hair follicles will swell or rupture, the abnormal itch will lick the body, and itching will cause trauma to certain parts.
[Atopic Dermatitis]
Allergens enter the dog's body, causing them to appear red, swollen, itchy, and even damaged And there is a bacterial infection. The dog will feel uncomfortable and keep scratching or licking. Lead to peeling, redness, and more severe pus and secretions. Fungal infection in the skin.

Mange is a skin disease caused by chigger mite infection, and its infection ability is extremely strong. scabies Mites live in the skin and lay eggs on the surface. Infected dogs will only feel different It often itches and licks the body and feet, scratches the head, causing trauma and hair loss Fall, skin inflammation and debris.

Folliculitis live in hair follicles deep in the skin. Eyes often appear in infected dogs Hair loss in the vicinity, face and forelimbs, hair loss in some cases body. The disease is transmitted by direct contact. Dogs with mange have severe itching, Symptoms of redness, ulcers, and hair loss. Mange is most likely to occur in dogs' ears, Face and legs. Vermicular creep can only occur in dogs and can cause Alopecia areata, crusts and ulcers.

[Fungus] When the
hair child is infected, the skin will show irregular round hair removal. Scaling, erythema, and scabs caused by scratching and licking may occur often. The visible parts are the face and limbs .
#How to prevent fungal skin problems ?
In addition to cleaning the dog's daily environment, you can also comb your hair frequently and use some Dog shampoo with anti-fungal function. Dogs suffering from skin diseases, veterinary clinic usually equipped with its herbal hair was clean, but the potency of the medicine was quite clean hair strong, long-term use Causes damage and thinning of the stratum corneum of the skin , which in turn causes other skin problems, so it is not suitable for long-term use. If dogThe skin of your own breed is weaker, such as Joseph and Mynah.
#Which model is suitable for preventing fungal bacteria ?
What kind of shampoo can my dog use to prevent recurrence after skin treatment?
You can choose tea shampoo containing tea tree oil ingredients, which can effectively fight inflammation and sterilization.Relieves itching and discomfort caused by fungi and bacteria. A large number of empirical studies have proven that  #tea tree oil is effective in treating fungal bacteria . The oatmeal ingredients can also effectively prevent itching and repair the skin. At the same time  , the PH value of the skin is balanced , which is very suitable for dogs with damaged skin and sensitive skin.