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Tear Stains Remover Liquid & Tear Stains – Case Sharing

White cat TangTang secretes a lot in the eyes, and there is a lot of tartar. The corners of sugar sugar cause hair loss due to prolonged contact with secretions, exposing pink skin.

Even if the owner cleans the eyes 2-3 times a day for TangTang , he still can’t solve the problem, because this can’t be solved by single cleaning. The owner believes that it is necessary to try to start with the secretion problem to have a chance to completely cure it.

The owner of Tangtang accidentally saw the Droplet product brochure in the pet store , and saw the Droplet liquid mark formula and the professional tear mark cleaning solution, and decided to give it a try.

The liquid mark formula can balance the pH of the body; professional tear mark cleansing liquid can eliminate the bacteria that form the liquid mark. TangTang is hoping to master from the inside to the outside 2 to solve the problems of tears. This 2 products precisely fit together sugar.

Sugar Sugar uses about after two to three weeks, tears significantly improved. The owner of the number of times for her to clean the eye by a day 2-3 times, reduced to 1 Ri 1 times later it is 2-3 days to clean 1 times.

The owner of Tangtang feels that the eye secretion of Tangtang has improved significantly, but she will continue to use it, hoping that Tangtang will not be troubled by the problem of tear marks in the future.