Case Sharing

Tang Gou often appears near a recycling yard

Employees working at the recycling yard will call it “A Ling”. The environment of the recycling yard is not very good. Sometimes the employees at the recycling yard see the hungry A Ling. Feed her leftovers, hoping that she will have enough food for a while. It didn’t take long for Ah Ling, like all fairy tales, to meet the loving girl Kam .

Kam took Ah Ling home and took good care of it, hoping to find it forever. Kam noticed that A Ling had skin problems. It would scratch it all day and night, and the skin would continue to bleed. At first Kam thought it was a lice fool, but he didn’t improve with the lice cleaner. Kam switched to Droplet Antibacterial Soothing Skin Spray. The spray just applied to the skin really worked. It no longer scratches, but it needs continuous daily use to stop A Ling from scratching. Kam understands that A Ling needs a cure, and on the Droplet website, he sees that Droplet natural skin supplement can be used in conjunction with Droplet antibacterial soothing skin spray to improve skin problems both internally and externally.

After using it for 3 weeks, even if Kam applied the antibacterial skin spray to A Ling later, A Ling didn’t desperately scratch it. After taking the natural skin supplement, A Ling gradually reduced the number of skin sprays and could get rid of the hood. When she saw A Ling without a hood, she was not scratching, and her wounds began to scab.

No longer troubled by skin problems, A Ling becomes more cheerful and lively than before, and fortunately meets loving girl Kam to change her life.