Eye Care

Take you to know natural germicidal plants

The eyes are the windows of the souls of cats and dogs. Be careful to protect them! In fact, there are many Plants have natural eye protection, and Lid has been used to treat eye inflammation since ancient times. Itching problem, IKEA will take you to know it! The next time you help cats and dogs pick eye products, pay attention!

[German chamomile / Matric aria ricotta]

Chamomile originated in Europe and has a long history. It has been used by people to treat diseases since ancient times. It is also a widely used medicinal plant in the family Asteraceae. Because it can heal nearby Because of the disease of plants and trees, chamomile is known as the “plant doctor”. The terpenoids and scutellarin in chamomile make it anti-oxidant, sedative, bactericidal, Inhibit inflammation function, Zhong can protect eye mucosa!

[Xiao Mi Cao Eyebright / Euphrasia] Xiao

Mi Cao in English is called Eyebright, which means “eyes are clear and clear “Liang” means the eye-filling formula in western traditional herbal medicine. I Yilin has been regarded by Europeans as a natural eye supplement Xiaomi Cao effective against allergies, soothing dry eyes and itchy symptoms, to deal with eye and is especially effective!

In the past, most pet eye drops on the market used chemicals to eliminate inflammation and sterilize, But IKEA already has eye drops mainly using the above natural flowers and plants to achieve sterilization and eye protection Great effect! The ingredients are natural, so the owner will feel more at ease when using it. Good news for us!

** Droplet mentions that, according to the recommendation of the Department of Health, after opening the eye drops One month, no matter how much the product is left, it should be discarded because when using eye drops Droplets may come in contact with airborne bacteria or animal eyes, or eye drops Bacteria breed improperly preserved **