Ear care

Summer is hot, the most desirable summer activity must be fun!

I believe that all the owners have the idea of taking dogs to swim, let Xiaoxia for everyone Prepare a CHECKLIST and get ready to go swimming!

1. Choose a swimming place-beach or dog pool.

If you plan to bring dogs to the beach, remember to check whether the beach allows dogs to enter. Into. However, dogs are not allowed to enter all the beaches under the government’s jurisdiction, so dog owners can consider beaches under non-government control.

2. Life jackets

If dogs are new to swimming, they can use the dog life jackets on the field to help them float and help them learn to swim. Swimming.

3. Towels

can be printed on the bottom of the hair after the blowing is completed or when the hair is fast drying. Layer of moisture. After the dog rushes, the bottom layer of water will seep back to the upper layer 10-15 minutes after blowing, so bring a towel or Use a hair dryer to make sure the dog is completely dry.

4. Eye drops and ear wash

Remember to clean your dog’s eyes and ears with eye drops and ear wash. Pond water is possible Bacteria can enter your dog’s eyes and ears during swimming, so be sure to take good care after swimming Clean your eyes and ears.