Gut Care

Soft stool? Poop? How to tell?

Cats, dogs, and dogs pull soft and thin stools. The main concern of the owner is the health of the pet, and the cleanliness and hygiene question. The owner will clean up and check the pet ’s ass immediately after the pet pulls the poplin you do not touch it, you will clean it up, but if the owner wants to go out to work , I believe that when I go home, I ’m most afraid of seeing the pets pulling the poop. I’m also scared Will the bacteria in the surrounding stool make the pet sick? Find out why early To solve the problem of soft stools!

Soft stool means wet stool and soft body, which will stick to the ground; thin stool means water, Unformed poop. Pets have a peculiar smelly stool, diarrhea or soft stool, these are the stomach an important manifestation of bacterial flora imbalance, gastrointestinal flora imbalance is usually very likely It is caused by “eating”. In addition, drugs such as antibiotics that are taken when a pet is ill may also have a chance to destroy the pet’s gastrointestinal flora, leading to imbalance of the intestinal flora and thinning. Poop.


[What causes pets to lose stools? ]

Cat and dog foods are too greasy to

replace cat and dog foods.


Gastrointestinal problems

. Parasites in the body.


How to solve soft stool problems?

The owner can choose high-quality non-greasy cat and dog food for pets. When changing the food, you must slowly mix the old and new foods. Probiotics and prebiotics can be added to cat and dog foods to help pets recover Optimal health, after antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria, probiotics can rebuild and maintain a flat flora Balance is very important for health and nutritional absorption. Prebiotics can promote beneficial bacteria in the intestine Growth, reduce the production of intestinal spoilage, and then inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria. Probiotics and prebiotics are very helpful for gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion.

As for parasites in the body, cats and dogs need to be fed with insect repellent, and insects must be repelled regularly to prevent emergence. The situation of parasites.