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Skin problems are all-rounded

Many owners have private messages. “Which product should my dog use?”, “Which products can be used together?”, “I have been using a certain brand of spray for a long time, but the skin problems are still good.” Bad “etc.



This time, I will briefly explain the products applicable to different skin problems. I hope to help all the owners soothe and solve the pet’s skin problems.

In addition to the temporary soothing skin spray, what other products can my dog use?


Skin case:

 # by fungi , # bacteria , # atopic dermatitis , # eczema and other problems plagued

Applicable products:

 Droplet oat tea tree oil cleaning liquid + Droplet hair natural skin synthesis of supplementary


 effective against fungi, bacteria , Dermatitis and eczema; natural skin synthesis Supplementation can simultaneously improve deep skin condition and help prevent recurrence of skin problems. Effectively repairs skin and underlying cells and strengthens skin resistance.

Droplet Oat Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is for dogs only.


: Skin conditions

 # seasonal allergies

 # itchy skin irritation

 # peeling hair removal

 have used herbal hair cleaning fluid before # caused thinning of the skin sensitive and easy to

apply product:

 Droplet Moisturizing itching hypoallergenic cleaning liquid + Droplet natural hair Comprehensive skin replenishing


 improve seasonal allergies and dry skin caused by hair removal and peeling, skin redness and swelling Itching, which strengthens the cell’s water content ; comprehensive natural skin supplementation can simultaneously improve the deep skin condition and help prevent skin Skin problems have recurred. Effectively repairs skin and underlying cells and strengthens skin resistance force.


Skin condition:  #general


 # hope hair is softer and brighter #white

 or brown hair dogs

only suitable products:

Droplet coconut walnut oil shampoo


 ingredients containing coconut oil , rosemary oil, walnut oil, etc., can brighten Smooth and soft hair, with color lock effect, At the same time ensure normal sebum secretion, maintain skin health and maintain skin elasticity.


Skin condition:  #There are

 parasite problems such as fleas and cattle ticks. 

Applicable products:

Droplet anti-flea and cattle tick formula shampoo.

Efficacy: It

 can help drive and kill various fleas, parasites and cattle ticks. It can be used within 3 days after use. Effectively prevent fleas, parasites and cattle ticks from attaching to pets again. Safe to warm-blooded animals and humans.


In fact, different products can be used for different skin problems.

#Dorpat A series of shampoos and skin tonics to solve different skin problems.

In addition to persistent care for skin problems, the most important thing is to use the right product!

With the right product, the problem is naturally solved!