Tips for Pet Grooming

Skin care tips for dogs in autumn and winter

When summer goes to autumn, the weather becomes dry and ultraviolet radiation gradually increases, plus the seeds of various plants in the wild are used as hairSome weeds and plants may irritate hair children when they fall on the groundSkin , so hairy child in autumn is also likely to suffer from itchy skin, skin allergies and so on. [Common 3 skin problems] #Eczema is themost common and most likely to relapse dog skin problems. The most obvious symptoms are   It ’s itchy all over, itchy face, and itchy lips. Dogs even scratch their lips with their hind feet and rub their faces on the ground.Licking the toes and limbs of both limbs and inflamed at the same time.   #Skin allergy Skin allergy refers to when the immune system overreacts to some normal and harmless substances such as pollen , dust mites or spores, resulting in an allergic reaction in the body. ThisThis reaction makes the skin susceptible to irritation and inflammation , damages the skin’s natural protective film, and severely causes bacterial infections. ItchingYour skin keeps pets from scratching, creating a vicious cycle. In addition, changes in weather and temperature will also increase the chance of pet allergic reactions and infections.   #Fungi Bacteria Does not dry hair after bathing dogs . Malnutrition causes decreased resistance. Contact with sick dogs or contaminated itemsThere is a risk of infection, and areas with wounds on the body are most susceptible. Sick childOn the skin, there are red pimples, macula, gray dandruff and scabs. Affected areaItching, even hair loss . Due to the itching of the affected area, the hair child will frequently scratch the body or in the cornerThe floor scratches the body.