In the fall, eczema is back.
For hair children, eczema is also quite annoying.
Eczema symptoms are skin problems such as erythema, pimples, blisters, and crusts. It also causes symptoms of heat, pain, and itching to the hair child.
In addition to the dog's allergic constitution, the causes of eczema in dogs are many. Exposure to allergic substances, excessive licking of hair, biting, scratching, bites of mosquitoes and ectoparasites, irritation of some drugs, unclean skin, dirt , Moisture in the living place, lack of certain nutrients in the body and other factors may cause eczema.
Chemical allergens-drugs, chemicals, inflammatory exudates, excreta.
Physical allergens-damp, cold, hot.
Mechanical allergens-scratching, oppression, friction.
Biological allergens-blood-sucking insects, parasites, microorganisms.
[What kind of shampoo can dogs with eczema suffer? ]

You can choose a shampoo containing tea tree oil ingredients, which can effectively anti-inflammatory and sterilize, relieves itching and discomfort caused by fungi and bacteria, while increasing immunity. #Empirical evidence proves that tea tree oil is effective in inhibiting fungal bacteria , and tea tree oil therapy is also very popular in treating daily urban skin diseases.