Urinary Tract Care

Red Alert! Cat’s lower urinary tract disease!

The average age of onset of cat’s lower urinary tract disease is only 4 years old! And it is common between indoor cats that are “young or middle-aged, drink less water, and become fat”. Cats in Hong Kong seem to be at high risk!

And the symptoms of cat’s lower urinary tract disease often appear suddenly. If a cat has a lower urinary tract disease, it will not be able to successfully discharge urine out of the body, which will cause uremia in the cat, vomiting, and hunger strike and even death!

Lower urinary tract diseases have the following symptoms:

Often walk near the sandbox

Painful urination or crying

Frequent licking of the lower body

Blood in urine

Long urination time

Cats are good at hiding discomfort by nature to avoid attacks from enemies in nature, making it difficult for owner to detect the issue. It may be too late by the time it’s discovered.

“Prevention is better than cure”! To avoid the pain of lower urinary tract diseases, you need to take three more steps for your cats:

Keep the litter box clean and tidy.

Encourage cats to drink water:

Feeding urethral health products