Oral Care

Questions and answers about turning wild cats into domestic cats

Becoming a cat slave is a fate, but when you meet fate, do you know how to take care of it?

Q: What should I do if I find a stray cat in the street that needs help?

A: If you don’t want to edit, you can contact the cat volunteer or cat house first. If you want to become a cat slave, keep reading.

Q: This is my first time raising a cat. What should I prepare for cats?

A: The basic preparation is cat litter, cat food, water, daily cleaning supplies (with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory eye drops, ear wash, etc.). Cat’s-eyes and ears can be in poor condition with bacterial and inflammation problems. It’s best to be early Clean at least 2-3 times a day. Do not forget the most important security question Question-Install Window Screen!

Q: Do cats have fleas and cattle ticks? What to do?

A: Yes. It is recommended to remove lice and ticks from cats first. First use safe formula to remove lice and cattle Tick shower liquid to remove fleas and bovine ticks on your body, you must first ensure that Flea and cattle ticks have been completely removed. Use lice for 2-3 days after bathing Product.

Q: I already have cats in my family. What should I do if I need to add one more cat?

A: New cats must be quarantined when they go home, and don’t get along with old cats directly. Although the new cat may look healthy, it is difficult There is no infectious disease of incubation period. It is recommended to quarantine for at least two weeks.

Q: The cats are small or thin. Can I feed them milk?

A: No. Most cats have lactose intolerance. Drinking milk will diarrhea. city There are special milk powder for cats and cat nutrition products on the surface, which will not cause diarrhea. If the cat still has diarrhea, stop Stop feeding milk and dairy products.

Q: Should I take my cat to the doctor?

A: It is recommended to take the cat to the veterinarian for examination, and ask the doctor to deworm the cat and check the parasite. Worms, earworms, molds, and skin diseases.

Q: What should I do when the cat goes home?

A: Most of the time when you bring your cat home, you will hide. You do not need to take care of it. The cat needs Take time to observe and get used to the new environment. Overly concerned about it and trying to drag it out When eating, it is possible to get adverse effects. The cat was taken to a strange environment, you will feel uneasy and scared. But first set up a cat litter dish and a place to drink water and food. You can use it yourself.

Q: The cat’s condition is not good. What extra supplies can I prepare for the cat?

A: You can give cats a nutritional cream to increase their resistance. Supplements such as probiotics and prebiotics can also be prepared for cats, as cats have been out for a long time, and eat a lot of things that are bad for my body. Probiotics can help. Cats remove intestinal toxins, help nutrient absorption and digestion, change diarrhea and constipation question. Salmon oil can improve cat skin hair problems and keep joints healthy. If your cat has a problem with tear marks, you can give your cat a product that changes the problem of tear marks. But do not choose antibiotics and steroids.

Q: The cat shakes and makes a cooing sound. Is it sick?

A: Congratulations! Your cat acknowledges your identity as a cat slave! This is the cat feeling open the signal of heart and comfort is what Hong Kong calls “boil water.”