Tips for Pet Grooming

Points for picking up white wash liquid in summer

As the summer gets hotter and hotter, dogs are prone to “body odor “, which tends to produce “grease” and breed “bacteria”, so the owner should try to be as good as winter for one-month Dogs showering! The side burner is the most important one, and the most important thing for dogs to take a shower is to gather the “antibacterial ” ” moisturize the skin ‘”glossy and supple hair ” in a generous shower solution

” pick exactly the showers were good points? “


[cold once the hub of a few resistant? 】

Because in summer, the “grease” of dogs will be more “prosperous”, the fat will be warm and moist In the environment, it will “grow bacteria” and form a “stinky smell”, so it is more dense than a shower in winter. Basically, it is recommended to wash the baby once every 2-3 weeks, but it depends on the home. Judging the living environment and living habits, dogs that are going out may need to be washed up. Once a week


[Choose the picking liquid first]

There are many kinds of cooling liquid in Ideate following points:

1) Antibacterial

In addition to the left summer, bacteria can easily cause dogs to “grow in the hair” and cause various “skin problems”! So the master has to choose a branch “Bacteria” and “Antibacterial” shower liquid!

2) Anti-allergy and fragrance-free

dog skin generally has only 3-5 layers, and the skin is very fragile, “mild”, “non-irritating” and “artificial fragrance-free” shower liquid Can “care” to the dog’s skin

3) Natural ingredients, can be emollient.

I think that in the summer , I can help the dog to shower. The shower liquid does not need the emollient owner. Skin back to When you return to the air-conditioned place when you blow hair, you will be “dried up” again, making your skin dry again! Dry skin and itching hairs, it is easy to have various skins Skin problems “Coconut oil” and “Walnut oil” are good “natural” emollient ingredients. In addition to running, I also stand up and stand up.

4) Effectively balance oil secretion.

As mentioned above, dog oil secretion will be more vigorous in summer, so if you shower Liquid can “balance” hair children “fat secretion”, which can reduce the excessive fat The problem caused by odor

5) It helps to make “hair smooth and smooth” I

believe that all kinds of owners think that dog hair is “dumb” and “tick “Bury the old, the “coconut oil” and “walnut oil” mentioned in point 3″Scented oil” can make the dog’s hair color bright and bright

breed white or brown hair dog owner. Zhong can pay special attention to the shower liquid. Has “color-locking effect” such as “rosemary oil” has antioxidant effect, can Help your dog lock color and maintain beautiful hair color.