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Love you to harm you? Beware of the “functional snack” trap

“Snack” , I believe that the owners often buy hairy children, and when the owner buys snacks, they will Picking a stack of “functional snacks” feels rewarding for hair children, and can achieve the claimed effect on the package, such as hair removal Ball, anti-urethritis, relieve arthritis, increase vitamins, etc.

but the owner knows that the so-called functional snacks “the content of active ingredients is questionable” High calories” “Contains a large amount of meat and meat products” “High fat content” can easily

lead to a lot of different types of “functional snacks” on the market such as crispy crisps, sandwich crisps, Biscuits, meat sticks, etc. claim to add the same ingredients as the left, so that the owner can feed Snacks achieve different health effects, but if you pay close attention, you will see that most of the functional snacks are “high in calories”, “contains a lot of meat ingredients”, and Zhonghu “adds seasonings such as salt”, which makes cats and dogs “obese” and large. Most packages say, “How many active ingredients does a snack contain? “The owners really need to think about it. The snacks can really reach the packaging. The effect is


[Suspicious content of active ingredients]

Most packages are not clearly exemplified how many effective ingredients are contained in the proportion of various ingredients and buried snacks. How effective are the snacks Big? And even if a certain example of a snack with left ingredients, the content of effective ingredients is not as good as the correct health meat can replace the real health meat and bring it to cats and dogs. Everyone can pay attention to the label on the package when choosing functional food, the ingredients are as effective as a few mg or% per capsule or gram Ingredients, I know clearly how many doses of hair children take left

[high calories containing a large amount of meat and meat products with high fat content]

thousands of wonderful, good, small, calories of “functional snacks” snacks such as crispy crisps, sandwich crisp, Biscuits, adding a large amount of meat and meat supplements, salt and other seasonings to increase the taste of snacks, leading to a “fat snack” in a certain part of high fat content. It is clearer that the feeding amount is often unknowingly Left, it is easy to cause hair children to become “obese”


唔 Don’t want to reach the health effect but make the baby fat, Droplet supplement recommends that everyone who loves cats and dogs pick one啲 Effective ingredients that are both “effective” and “non-fat” are clearly exemplified. There is much confidence and peace of mind, and each grain contains high concentrations of effective ingredients, which is more effective for health and relaxation. Soothing effect: Made with natural plant extracts, low sugar and low sensitivity formula, Low-calorie, long-term consumption of health-promoting meat particles can make hairy children more fit fit


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