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Licking feet is so cute? Beware of “taenites”

I saw Mao Baoji “licking feet”, the word “Meng”! But be careful! Will the hair child have “fingers”? In particular, IKEA is wet and wet in the sunset, which can cause inflammation between the toes!


[Niece Department of inflammation between the toes? 】

Common symptoms are cats and dogs producing an acne-sized thing between their toes or feet, which will gradually become larger and larger, and may have pus, blood in it, or become very swollen . , Edema, etc., may also appear hair loss, skin thickening, Pigmentation, etc.


【Is there a pediculosis associated with foot licking? 】

As the pediculosis can cause itching and discomfort, the hair child will lick his feet. In addition, because the pediculosis causes swelling and pain in the soles of the feet, the hair child may be afraid to step on the ground. Lang Zhong Yixing Road Even if you “turn around” on the road, you will have to remove your baby’s feet, and your feet will be injured. There may be interphalangeal inflammation.


[Cause of interphalangeal inflammation]

1) The soles of the feet are moist and dirty,

and the children have “hairy feet”. They often lick their soles because of the smell of the soles, which keeps the toes moist for a long time. In addition, the owner helped Mao to wash his feet after leaving the street Showers or later, or weigh wee it to his generous Nuisance urine and dry, will increase the toe Chance of inflammation

2) There is a wound on the sole of the foot, and the infected

child is active and then jumps around . Sometimes, a small hard object cleans the sole of the foot. There is a wound on the sole of the foot and it is easy to have bacteria. Infection is slightly red and swollen between toes in the early stages of infection and may develop further afterwards Cystic or granulomatous

3) Changi Guan cage

painted lacquer cage irritates the skin of cats and dogs, and the iron bars on the bottom of the cages have rubbed the feet of cats and dogs for a long time. Toe seam, easily lead to broken skin inflammation