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11 Mar 狗吊腳
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11 Feb Vegetable oil + animal oil = magic effect
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Krill oil is mainly extracted from krill captured in the Antarctic Ocean. Like fish oil, it contains Omega-3 fatty acids, mainly EPA and DHA, but it is richer in phospholipid fatty acids and has natur..
11 Feb Every hair child needs a 3-in-1 deep-sea krill oil
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Why is the newly launched 3-in-1 deep-sea krill oil so popular? What are the three ingredients? What effect does it have? The three main ingredients of 3 in 1 deep sea krill oil are deep sea krill oil..
11 Feb Fish oil + Vitamin E = No.1
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Why are some salmon oils added to Vitamin E? Some did not add? What is the purpose of Vitamin E?Vitamin E is also known as " antioxidant". It helps prevent polyunsaturated fatty acids and phospholipid..
11 Feb 5 bad habits of arthritis
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[5 major vices of degenerative arthritis]Did you know that the winter that is currently entering is one of the trigger points of hairy child arthritis? That's right! Because in the winter, the blood c..
11 Feb Degenerative joint disease
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(Degenerative joint disease) is the most common joint disease in dogs. It is a progressive and permanent problem of articular cartilage degradation. Chronic inflammation causes damage to articular car..
18 Dec Droplet Natural Hip & Joint Advance Formula For Dog -Case Sharing
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Mumu have a bumpy and pitiful life. She has lived in a breeding farm since young. And her cage is her whole world.  She was using as a breeding machine, constantly giving birth to puppies for breeder ..
06 Sep $9 Comprehensive protection of cat health
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Want to remove hair ball? improve the immune system? Urethral inflammation?With Droplet, don't be afraid!Droplet also enhances your cat's heart function️ and keeps your retina healthy!Protect your cat..
26 Jun There is a new way to depilate! simple! Convenience! Most importantly health!
0 11091 Natural Hairball Remedy is officially launched! Everyone respected-healthy hair removal method!The steps for cat hair removal are as follows:Step 1: When you hear your cat coughing or nausea, t..
25 Jun Adopt cats
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First of all, congratulations on becoming a chosen cat slave!I hope the following series of questions and answers will make you more aware of cat habits! Overcome a premium cat slave! Q: Except for dr..
25 Jun Tearful, pity, beware of virus tears
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Cats in your home often get watery?Orbital redness?Does the eye often have secretions?Excessive secretion of tears?  The master at home often shed tears, or his eyes are red and swollen? Ever wondered..
25 Jun Cats have flu? Whimper at any time.
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People have the flu, in fact cats have cat flu; but human flu will recover in just a few days  Cat flu takes months or even a year for a cat with insufficient resistance Rehabilitation. "Cat flu", com..
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