Oral Care

Is your fur kids healthy?

so-called “toothache is not a disease, it hurts lives! ” Not only do humans need to brush their teeth, oral care for cats and dogs is also very important! Pets has a toothache and can’t help expressing it in words. He has been dreaded by terrible periodontal disease in minutes! As a caring host, you need to be more careful!

Periodontal disease has the following symptoms:

1. Halitosis

2. Decreased appetite / prefers soft foods

3. There is a layer of yellow deposits on the surface of the teeth

4. The face is often patted with the palm of the hand

5. Exposed gums, loose teeth

Take to the veterinary clinic for general anesthesia Cats and dogs that are old or have long-term diseases such as heart, lungs, and kidneys are at greater risk for anesthesia, To the point where my heart is pierced!

Use pet professional tooth care products to cultivate teeth cleaning habits from an

early age and take action early!