Tips for Pet Grooming

In summer and autumn, did every dog slave bring a dog to a dog party?

In summer and autumn, did every dog slave bring a dog to a dog party? Do not forget to do your homework at a dog party or take your dog to a dog park for a walk! Because more than just present Your dog and other dogs are present. You can control your dogs, but not other dogs, so You must pay attention to this “crisis”. Let Xiaoxia prepare a dog party lazy bag for everyone, take your dog to catch the summer tail.


【5 preparations】

Water: When the weather is hot, the dog can only rely on drinking plenty of water to cool down, otherwise it will be heatstroke!

Water bowl: It is best to bring a water bowl to avoid grabbing the water bowl with other dogs. Some dogs the dog protects the water bowl.

Leashes: If there are children or people who are not friendly to the dog, when the dog is barking, can greet him away quickly, so that the dog is not in a “nervous” state. such in addition to not increasing the dog’s rejection of people, but also avoiding what the other party would do to scare Dog thing. If there is conflict with other dogs, you can pull back for a while.

Snacks: Snacks can be used to make a first-time dog friendly impression Human dogs prefer to be close to you. But remember to ask your dog ’s owner for permission first, because For some dogs that have food allergies or are losing weight.

Newspaper / pick-up bag: Picking up poop at will is the good owner.

Flea-removing supplies: Because there may be fleas in the grassland environment, other dogs Dogs also have the opportunity to have fleas on their bodies. You can choose to use heartworm medicine and drops every month in addition to fleas, you can also add a flea-removing neckband or spray, and go home and touch the whole body of the dog. Look for lice. If you find fleas on your dog when you go home, you can use Droplet hair cleaner-anti-flea and cattle tick formula at home, which can effectively kill and Repels various fleas, parasites and bovine ticks; it is safe for warm-blooded animals and humans All harmless. With all your preparations, your wo not have to worry about attending a dog party!