Tips for Pet Grooming

How much do you know about skin infections! Droplet Antifungal & Antiseptic Skin Spray! Summertime is also the party time of fungi and bacteria! Are there any infections caused by fungi?


Which is caused by fungi, and round bald hair marks appear on infected areas. It is contagious, People can be infected whenever they come into contact with sick pets or those with ringworm.

Purulent infections caused by pustular

Bacteria are more common in puppies and are usually longer than the abdomen or exfoliated. In the hairy area, small, pus-containing particles will grow on the affected area.

Psoriatic interphalangeal disease (spondylitis)

Which is caused by a bacterial infection, a small particle grows between the toes at first, and then gradually grow into an abscess or blood sore. The feet are often wet and the hair is more dangerous. Don’t worry about getting in and out of the toilet or drying your feet after showering!

You can watch the door without antibacterial good things! Droplet Antifungal & Antiseptic Skin Spray kills fungal bacteria that cause skin infections and repairs the skin barrier and forms a protective layer!