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Hairball nightmare – go to hairball

“All the hair is tied ~” It is spring time, and the cat slaves will hold the house again. The flying cats in the spring will lick the hair every day and swallow more hair. When the owner is busy cleaning up When the cat hair, cat will suffer even more dangerous to be careful generous hair ball disease

cat hair will change twice a year, generous amount of hair swallowed during the mount increase is likely to make hair “not naturally discharged” and “in vivo accumulation”, resulting in Vomiting several times a day without appetite, increasing the risk of “hairball disease”

“hairball disease” will cause the cat to lose appetite, constipation, weight loss, and stomach volume Swelling and other problems, and cause intestinal obstruction. If the disease is delayed, cats and cats may experience digestive disorders and eventually fail, which may cause Death

[Hairball symptoms]

Vomiting: vomiting bile, vomiting contains hair, more severe vomiting “cylindrical” hairballs, Even with bloodshot eyes

constipation: Because the hairs get stuck in the cat Bei generous digestive system, resulting in reduced poo

poor appetite: Because abnormal gastrointestinal motility, reduces appetite

dry cough: swallowing, hair can irritate the throat leading to cough

a lot of cats to see slavery Cats are sick or have a bad appetite. Inflammation! But in fact, if the cat has vomiting symptoms, remember to observe the situation of constipation! Cats are susceptible to diarrhea if they have gastroenteritis; hairballs can cause bowel movements Department secretary or going to the toilet or less quantitative shape smaller

[Why hairballs disease will press with finger on my cat?] In

addition to the spring and autumn mounting time mentioned above, cats are more susceptible to the following reasons Upper hairball disease:

1) The

owner of long-haired cats who do not comb their hair often should comb their cats once a day, and short-haired cats once every 3-4 days

2) Keep more than one cat.

If the house keeps multiple cats at the same time, the cats often lick their hairs. Will also increase the risk of dementia

3) thick and long hair

long-haired cats suffer from hairballs disease generous high proportion of usually short hair cat, age of onset is about 2 years old Right and left, the owners of long-haired cats should pay more attention to the problem of cat hair balls


Relieve the nightmare of hairball disease, go to hairball

To effectively prevent hairball disease, of course, it is necessary to make cats “smooth at this time, we need to help cats choose effective hair removal products

Droplet “effective”, “healthy and not fat “Hairball Ruolin “to be left up to 90% of water-soluble fiber psyllium generous ” Psyllium “very low in calories, can play in the large intestine so that the effect of intestinal swelling Waste becomes soft and increases stool volume, promotes bowel movements and helps defecation