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06 Sep $9 Comprehensive protection of cat health
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Want to remove hair ball? improve the immune system? Urethral inflammation?With Droplet, don't be afraid!Droplet also enhances your cat's heart function️ and keeps your retina healthy!Protect your cat..
25 Jun Don't feed me anymore
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The reason for eating spit hair cream is to help the cats shed hair! But from the name of the product, "spitting hair" actually makes it clear that the The hair vomited instead of being excreted throu..
25 Jun Comparison of hair removal products
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There are different advantages of hair removal products on the market, but how do you know which cat is suitable for you? What about money?And what choice do cat slaves have? ﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ #吐 毛 膏Advantage..
25 Jun Don't start taking care of the oral cavity until there is no way out!
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Oral care is believed to be overlooked by many pet owners, and they are often surprised when serious oral problems occur. hair  Children's oral problems (such as removing calculus and treating periodo..
25 Jun Adopt cats
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First of all, congratulations on becoming a chosen cat slave!I hope the following series of questions and answers will make you more aware of cat habits! Overcome a premium cat slave! Q: Except for dr..
19 Jun Questions and answers about turning wild cats into domestic cats
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Becoming a cat slave is a fate, but when you meet fate, do you know how to take care of it?Q: What should I do if I find a stray cat in the street that needs help?A: If you don't want to edit, you can..
19 Jun Body odor, bad breath, bad smell, three smells?
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Toothpaste, toothbrush, and oral care fluids all do not work?!! The problem of bad breath in dogs, cats and cats may be caused not by the mouth and teeth but by the stomach. If you want to cure the sy..
19 Jun Minions want to travel? Please show the master's stomach first!
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With the summer vacation coming, the season for family trips has come again. But what about cats and dogs at home? It is more people's choice to stay at a dog hotel or ask a pet nanny to take care of ..
19 Jun Do you know what is baicai toxin?
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Scutellarin toxin sounds as if it has nothing to do with cats, dogs, dogs, horses, and cattle at home, but in fact It really matters.Scutellarin toxin is a metabolite produced by the mold of Scutellar..
19 Jun Soft stool? Poop? How to tell?
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Cats, dogs, and dogs pull soft and thin stools. The main concern of the owner is the health of the pet, and the cleanliness and hygiene question. The owner will clean up and check the pet ’s ass immed..
18 Jun Comparison of hair removal products
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Helping cats and hair removal is a must-have for every cat slave, hair removal cream, hair removal snacks, and cat grass are all popular choices , but cat slaves know that What about the hidden worrie..
18 Jun Hairball nightmare - go to hairball
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"All the hair is tied ~" It is spring time, and the cat slaves will hold the house again. The flying cats in the spring will lick the hair every day and swallow more hair. When the owner is busy clean..
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