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Fish oil + Vitamin E = No.1

Why are some salmon oils added to Vitamin E? Some did not add? What is the purpose of Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is also known as ” antioxidant”. It helps prevent polyunsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids from being oxidized.Can maintain the integrity of the cell membrane. While preventing the increase of lipid peroxides in the bloodAnd reduce the incidence of heart disease and coronary artery disease.


[Use of Vitamin E? 】

Vitamin E is added to salmon oil to provide antioxidant protection for Omega-3 DHA and EPA , so that every drop of fish oil absorbed into the body can exert its effect. andVitamin E also helps to prevent oxidation of unused fish oil, extend product shelf life and improve product efficacy, because fish oil is susceptible to sunlight,It is oxidized by the effects of dust, moisture, and air. The oxidized fish oil basically does not have any health benefits, but is also harmful. After oxidation, Omega-3 loses a large amount of EPA and DHA. Research and testing reports in the UK show that more than 30 fish oil brands surveyed thoughThere are differences in price or origin, but more than half of the oxidation levels exceed the recommendationsSome brands only reach one-third of the mark content.


[ DRpet Pure Wild Icelandic Salmon Oil -New Packaging]

Droplet Pure Wild Icelandic Salmon Oil is added with Vitamin E ingredients to prevent oxidation of fish oil, and is not affected by sunlight, air and moisture, while enhancing the effectiveness of Omega-3. Droplet Pure Wild Iceland Salmon oil provides balanced EPA and DHA without hormones, hormones and Trans-fat, using patented low-temperature extraction technology, filters harmful substances and provides pets with high-quality, uncontaminated fish oil.