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Enhance immunity for cats Prions are never buried

With the expectation and support of cat slaves, Droplet launches an immune enhancement formula to cats’ cat needs! Since cats cannot make lysine by themselves, they must be absorbed from the body. And lysine, the left Formula lysine (L-lysine) more easily absorbed than the general cat lysine. If the cat owner is to be in good health, the slave will have to check its health and give L-amino acid every day! Veterinarians recommend that adult cats take 250-500 mg of lysine per day.


If the cat has the following symptoms , such as runny nose, eye drops, sneezing, stuffy nose, etc.(I.e. 500-1000 mg).


#Dorpat Immune Enhancer formula enhances cat’s resistance, ensuring cats absorb enough lysine for daily needs Servings. Helps suppress and prevent feline flu , and improve discomfort caused by feline flu viruses, such as runny nose, eye drops, Sneezing, nasal congestion, etc. .; at the same time, it can help stop virus regeneration and reduce the chance of feline flu recurrence.


#Dorpat Immune Boosting Formula contains 396 mg of L-Lysine per spoon! The content of ingredients is clear at a glance, and it is definitely not ambiguous.

Reference retail price is $ 118