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Dual Algae Oral Health Plaque Remover – Case Sharing

The Pomeranian Tai Gao is same as many dogs who troubled by tartar problems. Facing the tartar problem, the owner wants to solve it in a gentle way.

Tai Gao’s body is not good, so the owner rejected the suggestion of anesthesia and teeth cleaning. Because anesthesia is always a risk, you don’t want your old dog to take risks because of dental problems. The owner had also considered cleaning without anesthesia, but in addition to cleaning the teeth thoroughly, Tai Gao had the opportunity to be injured by the teething tool, who struggling out of fear.

Although the problem of tartar is not severe, the owner still hopes to solve the problem in the early phrase and then lay the foundation for oral health again.

In the balance, decided to choose oral health products to improve the tartar problem without affecting body.

After a friend’s recommendation, the owner chose Droplet Dual Algae Oral Health Plaque Remover. Adding the powder to the dry food of Tai Gao’s and eat together.

After 4 weeks of use, the tartar and halitosis problem of Tai Gao gradually improved.

Hope you all pay attention to oral health, brush your pet’s teeth or use various oral care products, take good care of their teeth, and prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Don’t start taking care of your mouth until you can’t help it!