Tips for Pet Grooming

Dry eye disease strikes while autumn wind rising!

Soon to be autumn and winter, the weather becomes dry, pet’s owner should be more careful for dry eye syndrome! Protect the window of the soul! Does your pet have the following symptoms?
[Common Symptoms of Dry Eyes]
1. Abnormal secretion of tears
Although the pet with tears and tears are cute, the secretion of tears is abnormal are one of the symptoms of dry eye!
2. Dry eye disease usually caused by ointment secretions.
Cats and dogs have insufficient secretion of tears. Insufficient eye water can cause secretions. It becomes sticky, so cats and dogs often have eye drops near their eyes.
3. Eyes are dull.
Cats and dogs will become dull and dull because of lack of tears and nourish eyes. It is easy to be irritated and injured.
4. Reddish
Dry eyes turn the eyes of cats and dogs red, and even causing corneal inflammation! When you see pet’s eyes are red, be careful!
Pet’s owner needs to pay more attention to the eyes of the pets! If any symptoms is found, need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible and choose appropriate eye care for your dearest pet.