Eye Care

Dry air brings eyelid crisis! Droplet “remains” a drop of moisturizing tears

Due to the structure of the eyes, keratitis and dry eye are the most susceptible eyes for cats and dogs disease! The lacrimal glands of cats and dogs secrete tears to moisturize the cornea on weekdays. In winter, the weather is dry and the corneal water is easily removed, so more water is needed first to maintain protection!

Once the cornea is adequately protected, it may cause epidermal damage and dry eye with ulcers. If the wound is not properly treated, it will cause an angle meningitis! If you notice that your baby ’s eyes turn red and tears increase abnormally, you may already suffering from dry eye or keratitis!

To cope with dry eye, the most effective method is to maintain the hair of the child with artificial tears, moist, clean and sterilize by the way! Droplet Antiseptic Eye Solution contains millet grass and German chamomile, effectively relieve the problems caused by insufficient tear secretion. With anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties, it can target bacterial infections such as cornea inflammation. The most important thing is no alcohol, gentle eye care is simple!