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New Anti-itch & Anti-Allergies Shampoo
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For irritated, sensitive or dry skin.
Relief of red spot caused by allergies or sensitivity.
Helps heal and sooth, optimizes skin and coat conditioning.
Builds up superior lipid barrier and maintains moisture in skin.
Skin Regeneration
Allantoin Natural skin cure
Effective in astringing skin, reducing inflammation and promoting healthy cell growth
Effectively treat skin tiny openings and skin ulcers
Characterized anti-inflammatory nature relieves skin irritations
Lactic Acid Soft and gentle nature
Speed up cuticle metabolism
Moisturize cuticle cells and boost skin collagen and elasticity
Vitamin E Improve skin dryness and flakiness
Protect body from the damage of free radicals
Improve skin complexion
Direction Wet Coat thoroughly. Apply shampoo and work into a thick lather, massaging gently into the coat. Rinse thoroughly with water.