Eye Care

Drops of eye drops may cause damage to pet eyes

Eye inflammation or infection usually happens between pets, and owners choose to help their pets take eye drops. However, there are a lot of eye drops on the market that can be used for daily eye wash. They contain boric acid, sodium hypochlorite and other toxic ingredients. If they are used excessively or improperly, they may hurt cats and dogs’ eyes at any time! Immediately check that the following eye drops have toxic ingredients!

Boric Acid

Boric acid itself is toxic and many pesticides are used! Boric acid poisoning is divided into acute and chronic. If you directly swallow a pesticide containing boric acid, it will cause acute boric acid poisoning, and repeated exposure to boric acid may cause chronic boric acid poisoning! very dangerous!

Hypochlorous Acid

Sodium hypochlorite is highly toxic and is the most commonly used sterilizing ingredient in bleaching water. It contains more chemical residues.

In the future, please pay attention to the ingredients when you choose eye drops which can avoid pets often contacting toxic substances! Choose eye drops with natural ingredients for peace of mind!