Case Sharing

Droplet Natural Hip & Joint Advance Formula For Dog -Case Sharing

Mumu have a bumpy and pitiful life. She has lived in a breeding farm since young. And her cage is her whole world.  

She was using as a breeding machine, constantly giving birth to puppies for breeder selling. Fortunately, she was rescued by volunteers and was adopted by a caring pet groomer 2 years ago.  

Mumu’s continuous breeding leads to weakness and deformation of the hind legs, the hind legs lose walking ability. The new owner chose Droplet Natural Hip & Joint Advance Formula For Dog for Mumu, because not only does it contain glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, but also very important, it has been proven to be effective for degenerative arthritis .


After taking three months, Mumu’s limbs is stronger than before . Although the walking conditions were not much different, considering the joints of the Mumu’s deformation can only be improved gradually. I hope that the joints of Mumu will continue to improve in the future.


Droplet Natural Hip Joint Advance Formula For Dog with glucosamine, chondroitin, cyanogenic, and MSM, which can reduce and prevent joint pain and relieve joint pain, swells, stimulates cartilage formation and strengthens bone growth. The chew formula is easy to feed, and daily joint health care is not difficult.