Eye Care

Droplet Antiseptic Eye Solution

Pet’s health is the most important thing to owner. Infected eyes need to be taken care carefully. Especially cats and dogs are easy to appear to have dry eye disease, eye irritation, itching and other problems, the owner will be good at picking eye drops Headache, because there are few eye drops on the market that contain toxic ingredients, Such as boric acid and sodium hypochlorite.

Is there a tincture of eye drops that can use natural ingredients to sterilize and reduce inflammation? Contains toxic substances?

Droplet Antiseptic Eye Solution are effective in alleviating problems caused by insufficient tear secretion Inflammatory effects, effectively treat bacterial infections of eye diseases such as keratitis and conjunctivitis. Eye drops are non-alcoholic and can be used for daily cleansing.

And Droplet Antiseptic Eye Solution do not contain toxic ingredients such as boric acid and sodium hypochlorite. Herbs such as German chamomile are used for bactericidal anti-inflammatory and eye mucosa protection; millet grass for protection, anti-allergy, soothes dry eyes and itching. Can be used on pet every day.