Oral Care

DR. Pet Dual Algae Oral Health Plaque Remover Trial Pack for Free

Pet oral care is a must! Hairy children who lack oral care not only have toothache, more chance of suffering from acute renal failure, valvatid, and even bronchial problems getting worse.

DR. Pet upends the traditional “you chase me and hide” aversion to brushing your teeth! DR. Pet dentistry product [Double Algae Anti-Inflammation Teeth Powder] is easy to use. Add appropriate amount of calculus powder to cat and dog food and feed it together without brushing You can even protect your teeth!

The tartar powder can not only inhibit bacteria and bad breath, but also contains green algae and seaweed ingredients. Effectively prevent and relieve oral inflammation. Suitable for cats and dogs! As long as you fill out the form on the “Getting the Trial Products” page of this website, select the double algae anti-inflammatory tartar powder, and we will send the trial products to the government by ordinary mail! Act now! From the “tooth” to the hair child, it brings a new sense of unusual teeth cleaning!