Gut Care

Don’t start taking care of the oral cavity until there is no way out!

Oral care is believed to be overlooked by many pet owners, and they are often surprised when serious oral problems occur. hair


Children’s oral problems (such as removing calculus and treating periodontal disease, etc.) must be anesthetized. Many people with oral problems Mao Hai, young are not young, and anesthesia is a potential risk. All owners want to find an anesthetic-free solution for Mao Hai. At the age of 3, there is an opportunity for early signs of periodontal disease. The owner’s early and effective preventive measures are the ideal solution.




[Does your child have the following oral problems? 】

Oral problems Checklist



Bad breath?

Tooth decay?


Periodontal disease?


[What can I do for Baobab oral health? 】

Owners can brush their teeth regularly. Dogs are more susceptible to brushing than cats. Cats need more patience and training to accept brushing.

If pets cannot accept brushing, they can use other oral care products instead.

Such as #Dorpat 双 Algal Anti-Inflammatory ToothstonePowder , directional Protective Tooth Liquid


#Dorpat Dual Algae Anti-Inflammatory Dental Powder contains green algae, seaweed powder, parsley and sage. Powder form, can be added to grain Feeding food, so that cats and dogs can use Droplet double algae anti-inflammatory during the feeding process The tartar powder rubs the teeth, removes tartar from the tooth surface, reduces the formation of plaque and tartar, and reduces the chance of suffering from periodontal disease.

#Dorpat All-round tooth protection liquid, liquid dosage form, can be added to pet water pockets to reduce bad breath, tartar and tartar during drinking. Can penetrate into the plaque, reduce cat and dog tooth bleeding and gingivitis.