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Don’t feed me anymore

The reason for eating spit hair cream is to help the cats shed hair! But from the name of the product, “spitting hair” actually makes it clear that the The hair vomited instead of being excreted through the intestines .

The vomiting of hair is due to the vomiting effect caused by the mineral oil contained in the vomiting cream , which irritates the cat’s stomach. Some better-quality Spit hair cream will replace mineral oil with vegetable oil. Less burden on cats, but also face the same situation- obesity and tooth decay. Another main ingredient of hair extract is sweetener (malt extract / malt syrup /Corn syrup), can cause obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. If necessary, it is recommended to choose a hair sweetening cream with a small number of sweet additives, so as to avoid Spitting hair can be a burden to your cat’s health.


[Healthy and easy way to hairball? ]

And the owner can choose other hair removal methods for the cat.

#Dorpat Care Heart Hair Removal Ball Powder is a natural method for removing hair bulbs through the intestine . Add hair removal powder to cat’s dry food and wet food the cat was able to expel hair from the body while defecation. This method is easy and healthy, and the owner has no worries.


#Dorpat Huqin Depilatory Ball Powder contains a variety of natural ingredients, such as psyllium seed, inulin and various plant fibers; it also contains taurine, Omega 3 and Omega 6 can protect hair muscles, enhance heart function, and maintain retina health for cats.