Ear care

Does your owner have this little bag?

Does your cat and dog “sway their heads and swing their tails and drift away from the realm “? When I saw a cat and dog at home shaking my head and scratching my ears, of course the first thing I remembered was to take Make a phone call and take a picture of their cute and interesting side. But have you ever thought about shaking your head Is it really a sign of ear problems? When you clean your ears, do not forget to clean the mystery on the ears of cats and dogs’ Little bag! Mysterious little bags are cats and dogs whose ears are close to the roots. Crack the same part of the small bag. The name of this small bag is Henry’s Pocket, which the Japanese call “bag ear”. This little Henry bag can help cats and dogs collect Sound and make ears more flexible. Sometimes the pouch can hide dirt, but otitis, etc. The problem depends on the situation in the ear .


[] Common symptoms of otitis

frequently shaking his head

scratching ears outside

ears appear scratched

ears smelly and dirty

hearing loss and

ear becomes inflamed, bleed easily

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[reason] otitis

weather was hot

ear is not cleaned regularly

frequented or hidden in the dirty areas (such as under the bed, the wardrobe)

after bathing or swimming not wipe the moisture in the ear