Tips for Pet Grooming

Do you worry about dog skin problems?

Fungal bacteria? eczema? Redness and itchiness? Dry allergy? Problems with dander? Dermatitis?

How should dogs choose skin cleanser for skin allergies?

Is the current shampoo solution ineffective?

Or are you afraid that your medicine will hurt your dog’s skin?


Droplet has launched 2 new shampoos for different skin problems!

For you and your dog, solve your troubles once.

Dry, allergic, red, swollen, itchy — pink [Droplet Moisturizing, Antipruritic, Anti-Sensitive Shampoo]

Fungus Bacteria Eczema Dermatitis — Yellow [Droplet Oatmeal Tea Tree Oil Shampoo]

Formulated Natural



Soothing Scar + Redness and swelling are

not medicinal and absolutely free

of sulfates and preservatives