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Do you need fish oil for skin allergies?

Everyone may know that for dogs, cats and cats with sensitive skin , veterinarians recommend taking fish oil. But why is Lang Zhong the reason?

In fact, Omega-3 fatty acids quenched from deep-sea fish oil can slow the occurrence of allergies. In the treatment of skin allergies, the use of steroids and the number of steroids can be reduced. After taking more than one month You can see the effect, and the fatty acids are very safe and harmless to the body. But pay attention, you must choose the fish oil quenched only mega-3 is effective. Consumed from other sources or omega-6May make allergies worse.

[Does my owner have skin allergies? Catching allergy symptoms one by one! 】

Bite your feet? Grinding your face on the floor? Scratching? Continuous hair loss? Damaged skin?

The above symptoms are caused by itching of skin in different parts, which may cause skin damage. At this time, the source of infection in the environment may be bacteria or molds that will infect the skin of animals. Fish oilcan soothe and improve symptoms caused by atopic dermatitis.

If you have a skin allergy problem, you may want to try it.Fish oil, see the effect!

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