Gut Care

Do you know what is baicai toxin?

Scutellarin toxin sounds as if it has nothing to do with cats, dogs, dogs, horses, and cattle at home, but in fact It really matters.

Scutellarin toxin is a metabolite produced by the mold of Scutellarin baicalensis.When peanuts , corn , beans, rice , wheat and other crops are exposed to high temperature, humidity and poor ventilation It is easy to produce baicai toxin. Scutellarin toxin is the most toxic known Carcinogens have been proven to consume excessive amounts of baicai toxin for a long time, causing negative liver metabolism the burden is a major cause of liver cancer.

Dog and cat feeds containing cereals such as beans, rice, wheat, etc. The environment will promote the growth of Scutellarin baicalinase’s, and the plant ingredients in dog and cat feed will Contaminated by toxins. Scutellarin toxins can harm pet livers and cause acute liver failure And severely even have a chance to die.

How to avoid the intake of baicai toxin?

Use more fresh ingredients healthy

note the expiry date and save pet food

to avoid using pet food containing cereals, beans and corn

to avoid buying too cheap feed

intake of probiotics to reduce aflatoxin infringement

Studies show that probiotics help reduce baicai toxin concentration and reduce bricolage to the body from toxins. After taking probiotics, baicai toxin in stool and urine was significantly reduced. Trend. As there is very little pet food on the market, the owner In addition to doing a good job of preserving feed, at the same time, you can choose to allow pets to contain probiotics Health products with probiotics, probiotics and prebiotics can effectively separate the toxins that are absorbed on weekdays. Relieve and reduce harm to the body. And papaya enzyme can effectively and quickly the toxins are excreted, giving pets an extra layer of protection from the baicai toxin.