Urinary Tract Care

Do not underestimate pet bladder problems!

Especially for cats, urethritis is a common disease with a recurrence rate of up to 45% , and because of body structure, male cats are more likely to have urethritis than female cats. The 2 -year-old to 8 chance of urinary tract disease in cats suffering than under the age of 10 more than the high age of the cat. Cat urethritis is more common than you think, and it should never be taken lightly.

Note urethritis symptoms of

urinary frequency,


urinary no

kitty long sand tray squatting

to urinate there is pain, do not want to make the cat on the toilet

urethritis reason

1 . The pissing pan is too dirty. Cats are not willing to urinate

in a dirty environment. They will endure the pee and leave it to the owner to clean the pan in the toilet. Tolerance of urine causes urine to be stored for too long, resulting in the formation of spar and growth of bacteria and infections.

2 . Drink too little water.

This is the main reason why cats are prone to urethral problems!

3 . Obese cats

with fat near the urethra can narrow the urethra and increase the chance of urethritis.

4 . Recurrence of urethritis!

Whether it is human or animal, those who have had urethritis easily and often relapse, this is also the most painful!

#DRpet Urinary Tract Care helps to soothe and solve cats and dogs’ urethral problems. It contains cranberries, vitamin C and Oregon grape root and other active ingredients. At the same time, it can help relieve urethral and bladder discomfort, reduce bacterial value, maintain urethral health, and prevent urethral inflammation.