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Cats have flu? Whimper at any time.

People have the flu, in fact cats have cat flu; but human flu will recover in just a few days


Cat flu takes months or even a year for a cat with insufficient resistance Rehabilitation. “Cat flu”, commonly known as “cat fever”, is actually a collective term used to describe cats’ upper respiratory infections. It is caused by feline calicivirus and feline herpes virus. Cat flu is severe for cats, even organic Can be fatal, and cats are extremely contagious, so do not look down on cat flu!! [Symptoms of cat flu] Cats suffering from cat flu can sneeze, runny nose, cough, loss of appetite, and hair


Burns, etc. .; severe cases can cause oral ulcers, conjunctivitis of the eyes, and eye moisture Excessive secretion can cause ulcers and even blindness.


[What to do if you have cat flu? 】

Take the cat to the veterinarian immediately , don’t delay the golden age of diagnosis and treatment. Because cat flu can be sneezed, Cough, or even infections such as secretions, excreta. Feline plague virus Vigorous, can exist in the environment for about half a year. For multi-cat families, after confirming that the cat is infected with feline flu, you must immediately separate the sick cat from other cats Away, reducing the chance of cat infection. At the same time, provide all cats with sufficient nutrition and enhance their immunity, which can help cats develop antibodies against cat flu in the body.


[How to help cats avoid cat flu or reduce the chance of recurrence? ]

Bring your cat to the veterinarian for vaccination, but keep in mind that antibodies to the vaccine are not % insurance. For cats with insufficient resistance, they are still organic after receiving the vaccine. You can get cat flu. At the same time, lysine can be provided to cats daily, and lysine can help enhance the cat’s own immunity and suppress the virus. And lysine, the left Formula lysine (L-lysine) more easily absorbed than the general cat lysine. and so When choosing lysine, we suggest choosing L-lysine!

#Dorpat Strengthening Immune Formula is for cats to increase their resistance. Each gram contains 396 mg of leucine, which ensures that the cat can absorb enough lysine for daily needs. Helps to suppress and prevent #Cat Flu , improve discomfort caused by the cat flu virus, such as runny nose, eye drops, beatings Sneezing, stuffy nose, etc. .; at the same time, it can help stop the virus from regenerating and reduce the chance of cat flu # recurrence .