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Gastrointestinal care

Dr. Pet Natural Hairball Remedy
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Eliminating and preventing hairballs naturallyA combination of inulin, fiber, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, taurine and antioxidants.To support the improvement of intestinal transit and facilitate the regular excretion of swallowed hair.Rich in taurine and Omega to keep cats from heart and eyes d..
Ex Tax:HK$95.00 Natural Digestive Enzymes
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with Natural sources of Prebiotics , Probiotics EnzymesAssists in digestion and absorption of nutrients.Support Diet Change..
Ex Tax:HK$260.00 Natural Hairball Plus Soft Chews for Cat
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Eliminate hairballsFlaxseed & fish oil help to maintain healthy skin and coatTasty soft chew..
Ex Tax:HK$100.00
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