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Cats Coconut Oil Shampoo
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Anti sensitive, soothes and moisturizes dry skin, reduces flakingEnhances silkiness, softness and shininess of coatMaintains the elasticity of skinAntimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungalHelps protect and maintain the colour of coat, especiallysuitable for dogs with white or brown hair, such as ..
Ex Tax:HK$89.00 Dual Algae Oral Health Plaque Remover
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Prevent the formation of plaqueSoften and remove existing tartar, keep a fresh breathPrevent and tackle different kinds of inflammation, repair damaged cells, accelerating the recovery of wounds inside the mouth or on the lipsClean and strengthen the teeth and gums so as to prevent the periodontal d..
Ex Tax:HK$148.00
Dr. Pet Antiseptic Eye Solution
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Removes DebrisPrevents bacterial eye infectionsRelieves pain and soothe eye dryness and discomfort..
Ex Tax:HK$93.00
Reduces Ear OdorHelps Remove Ear Wax & DebrisReduce Ear InflammationsSafe for Routine Cleaning..
Ex Tax:HK$98.00
Dr. Pet Natural Hairball Remedy
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Eliminating and preventing hairballs naturallyA combination of inulin, fiber, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, taurine and antioxidants.To support the improvement of intestinal transit and facilitate the regular excretion of swallowed hair.Rich in taurine and Omega to keep cats from heart and eyes d..
Ex Tax:HK$95.00
Dr. Pet Tear Stains Remover
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Help support immune systemLubricate mucous membranesExtremely palatableNatural active ingredientsEliminate unsightly tear stains at the source..
Ex Tax:HK$260.00
For irritated, sensitive or dry skin.Relief of red spot caused by allergies or sensitivity.Helps heal and sooth, optimizes skin and coat conditioning.Builds up superior lipid barrier and maintains moisture in skin.Skin Regeneration..
Ex Tax:HK$140.00 Derma Pro
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Natural IngredientsSupports treatment of various skin diseasesNutritionally support skin and coat healthLiver support and detoxificationFor redness, itchness, eczema etc skin problemContains many substances with anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antipruritic, antioxidant and detoxicating properties..
Ex Tax:HK$195.00
Treating FHV-1 and allergies symptomsAssisting in Immune System EnhancementHelping with intermittent flare-ups of eye, upper respiratory, and skin problems..
Ex Tax:HK$118.00 Natural Digestive Enzymes
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with Natural sources of Prebiotics , Probiotics EnzymesAssists in digestion and absorption of nutrients.Support Diet Change..
Ex Tax:HK$260.00
Protects Teeth and gums and eliminates bad breath.Helps alleviate build-up tartar  and plaque, and brightens and whitens teeth. Regular use helps ensure pets optimal oral health...
Ex Tax:HK$110.00 Natural Hairball Plus Soft Chews for Cat
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Eliminate hairballsFlaxseed & fish oil help to maintain healthy skin and coatTasty soft chew..
Ex Tax:HK$100.00
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