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18 Dec Droplet Natural Hip & Joint Advance Formula For Dog -Case Sharing
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Mumu have a bumpy and pitiful life. She has lived in a breeding farm since young. And her cage is her whole world.  She was using as a breeding machine, constantly giving birth to puppies for breeder ..
06 Sep Tang Gou often appears near a recycling yard
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Employees working at the recycling yard will call it "A Ling". The environment of the recycling yard is not very good. Sometimes the employees at the recycling yard see the hungry A Ling. Feed her lef..
06 Sep Tear Stains Remover Liquid & Tear Stains - Case Sharing
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White cat TangTang secretes a lot in the eyes, and there is a lot of tartar. The corners of sugar sugar cause hair loss due to prolonged contact with secretions, exposing pink skin.Even if the owner c..
10 Jun More than 80% of cats and dogs suffer from oral diseases!
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They do not only have a bad smell in their mouths, they will also seriously affect their eating! Even other diseases started as dental problem.Earlier Droplet held a four-week healthy "cavity" challen..
10 Jun Dual Algae Oral Health Plaque Remover - Case Sharing
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The Pomeranian Tai Gao is same as many dogs who troubled by tartar problems. Facing the tartar problem, the owner wants to solve it in a gentle way.Tai Gao's body is not good, so the owner rejected th..
10 May DR.pet天然皮膚綜合補充 – 用家分享
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DR.pet天然皮膚綜合補充 – 用家分享  貓咪湯圓自前年冬天後,就莫名奇妙地舔手腳舔身、又不停地抓癢、抓得皮膚流血脫毛。而湯圓下巴和頸部被抓到脫毛的位置,沒有再長毛。湯圓主人試過不少方法(滴蝨、轉糧、清潔家居環境),又去看獸醫,吃了一段時間的抗生素也解決不了。主人只好替湯圓帶上頭罩,避免湯圓在她上班時把自己抓到皮開肉爛。但貓咪天生愛自由,主人不忍心湯圓長期帶著頭罩,在家時會為湯圓解下頭罩放鬆一..
10 May 燕麥茶樹油潔毛液-用家分享
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09 May DR.pet健腸菌 - 用家分享
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DR.pet健腸菌 - 用家分享   貓咪牛奶體型偏瘦,讓人感覺是營養不良。但事實上,牛奶的飼主—陳先生表示,一直希望能為牛奶增胖,從而加強體魄,提升免疫力。陳先生曾為牛奶轉過多款高蛋白質的貓糧,配合營養膏等,但牛奶的體重和體型依舊沒有變化,為此感到很煩惱。  早一陣子,陳先生在寵物店介紹下購買了DR.pet健腸菌,他上網查看過相關資料,感覺牛奶有機會是因為腸道問題,沒有吸收到任何營養,所以無論怎..
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