Ear care

Body odor, bad breath, bad smell, three smells?

Toothpaste, toothbrush, and oral care fluids all do not work?!! The problem of bad breath in dogs, cats and cats may be caused not by the mouth and teeth but by the stomach. If you want to cure the symptoms, you must Governance is the first.

After using the shower liquid and hair conditioner for a while, the body odor that has been eliminated has regained the old state?!! The problem of body odor cannot be based on external methods alone. A two-pronged approach can completely cure.

I switched to a new dog food and cat food. After the food conversion period, I still smell bad? Spray out Deodorants are not a long-term way. What should we do?

Body odor, bad breath, stinky smell, without the troublesome imagination of your imagination, let me explain to you Come on!

Diet is the most critical cause. Stomach function and microecological imbalance in the stomach and intestines Abnormal absorption and metabolism of nutrients, so food metabolism rate is low, the accumulated food will ferment, body odor and bad breath Odor is formed. Dogs with a bad stomach often get stuck near the anal tail, the formation of external body odor; and indigestion and intestinal non-absorption, will form stool odor. In order to truly eliminate bad breath and body odor, in fact, the intestine must be cured before it can be applied. External application, reducing body odor and strong odor of stool.