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Are you buying oxidized fish oil for your master?

Market of fish oil a lot of money, but also what form, as agent capsules. But you know the choice the first fish oil 1 What is it the law of the door? It’s the container!

You have to choose the right container to choose the fish oil. Otherwise, it will hurt the body if you eat it.Lose out .

Consequences of consuming oxidized fish oil:

stimulate the production of free radicals and lipid peroxides, such as trans fatty acids,

increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and

accelerate aging.


Fish oil on the market is usually made of PVC plastic Material, a few parts are made of aluminum and gold Material.

Let’s compare what is the difference between the fish oil containers on the market!

Metal material !

Completely immune to moisture and air.

It can be isolated from sunlight, air, moisture, and dust for a

long time. It can also prevent fish oil from oxidizing and ensure the quality of fish oil.

PVC plastic material !

Strong light transmission, easy to be affected

by sunlight, easily affected by sunlight, dust, moisture, and air.

Oxidized fish oil basically does not have any health benefits, but is also harmful.

After the oxidation of fish oil, Omega-3 EPA and DHA are lost. Research and testing reports in the UK show that more than 30 fish oil brands surveyed though There are differences in price or origin, but more than half of the oxidation levels exceed the recommendations Cap. Data reveals that the fish oil Omega-3 content investigated The average is only 68% of the mark content, and some brands only reach three times the mark content One-third .


Droplet’s pure wild Icelandic salmon oil uses aluminum utensils to ensure the quality of the fish oil and is not affected by sunlight, air and moisture . Droplet Pure Wild Iceland Salmon Oil provides balanced EPA Andhra, contains no hormones, hormones and trans fats, uses patented low-temperature extraction technology, filters harmful substances, and provides pets with high-quality, uncontaminated fish oil.