Urinary Tract Care

$9 Comprehensive protection of cat health

Want to remove hair ball? improve the immune system? Urethral inflammation?

With Droplet, don’t be afraid!

Droplet also enhances your cat’s heart function️ and keeps your retina healthy!

Protect your cat’s health in all aspects and provide the strongest backing for your cat.

5 functions are achieved at the same time!


[Cats Comprehensive Health Set]

Immune Enhancement Formula

Contains L-Lysine to Strengthen Cats’ Immunity

Urinary tract health formula

helps prevent urinary tract inflammation and maintain urinary tract health

Heart Care Hair Removal Ball Powder

helps to remove the hair ball from the body and

enhances the heart function of the cat.

Keeping the retina healthy for


only $ 9 per day, the cat can be fully protected!

Droplet helps you take care of cat immunity, urethra, and hair removal. There are no worries!