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5 bad habits of arthritis

[5 major vices of degenerative arthritis]

Did you know that the winter that is currently entering is one of the trigger points of hairy child arthritis? That’s right! Because in the winter, the blood circulation of the hair child will be worse than that in the summer, causing old dogs, joint injuries, and hair problems with potential joint problems, such as joint pain and swelling.


[Habits that can cause joint problems]

In fact, most of the arthritis is related to the following habits in addition to Mao’s older age:

Sprain of joint

The floor is too slippery

Jump too fast

Recurring wrestling

Frequent stairs

Although these actions are small, the chronic changes in joints accumulate over and over again, eventually causing frequent arthritis. And whenever the weather is cold, the hair children will be more likely to have seizures and their symptoms will be more obvious. It’s as if the joints throughout the body have to be lubricated to work, and every step you take is painful. The owner should pay more attention to the joint condition of the hair children, and their daily health is their joint lubricant.


[What does lubricant mean? 】

Hyaluronic acid is widely present in the body, especially the concentration of synovial fluid in active joints is high. The role of hyaluronic acid in the knee joint includes lubrication and shock absorption, reducing wear and tear. Hyaluronic acid will also form a protective film on the surface of knee cartilage, which can inhibit the inflammatory response and the production of painful substances, thereby alleviating symptoms. However, hyaluronic acid is expensive and topical injection is not cheap. Oral hyaluronic acid can help the absorption of collagen, so that the synovial fluid locks in enough water and provides viscosity, and it becomes a joint cushion with strong support. Therefore, if the owner can consider letting hair children take hyaluronic acid in daily life, improve joints and cartilage.